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Tips overcome and prevent dry lips

Appearance and beauty is a priority for women , beauty and health is no exception lips .
Bergonta - change brand lipstick , pollution , vitamin deficiency and lack of fluids can cause dry lips and broken - broken . This is very uncomfortable for us .
Let's check the following article to resolve and prevent dryness of your lips .
1 . Make the honey to moisturize . The trick mix two teaspoons of honey and oatmeal to form the dough and rub on the lips , massage, massage and let sit for a minute or two . Clean with a damp washcloth to clean . Use as often as possible . Honey contains a natural humectant to moisturize the skin ,
2 . Do not store lipstick , lip balm or any product associated with your lips when it is over the age of one and a half years . Expired products , is certainly going to make you irritated lips .
3 . Use olive oil for massage to help circulation in the lips to be smooth so that lips stay healthy . You can also use olive oil for basting on the lips while massaging your lips .

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