Tips nourish Hair

Who does not want hair not only looks thick ( at the salon blow effect : P ) but it is really healthy and beautiful thick .I want loh : D , because the hair is thick and beautiful will further support our appearance . And again , healthy hair and a greatly reduced risk of baldness at an early age . Yukk we look at some tips to nourish the hair to remain healthy, thick and beautiful .- Never tried the herb aloe vera ? Tablets so easy , just grab some aloe vera leaves to take meat in it and rubbed into the scalp and hair , let sit 10-15 minutes to do 2 weeks. Aloe vera has a property to enrich and nourish our hair .- Hazelnut oil is also believed to help nourish the hair and also make natural black hair . Use hazelnut oil on the hair cream instead of cream bath , set aside some time and then rinse the hair as usual . Hazelnut oil is available in cosmetics stores .- When you have more time , try using fruit juice or melon flesh melon that has been in the blender as a replacement for your cream bath cream at home . Melons contain vitamins that help nourish hair healthy and shiny .- Coconut milk you can also use as lyrics for traditional and natural cosmetics to nourish your hair . I 've tried , in addition to nourish hair coconut milk also makes lambut feel smooth and soft tablets .- Water stale tea ( which has been left in one night ) believed to nourish the hair . How: before bathing , tea that has been allowed to stand overnight was watered to the hair , and then close the section of hair with a towel , allow approximately half an hour in order to absorb and then rinsed .Do not forget to also always choose the right shampoo for your hair more healthy and beautiful ya .. :)