Tips nourish Hair

Who does not want hair not only looks thick ( at the salon blow effect : P ) but it is really healthy and beautiful thick .I want loh : D , because the hair is thick and beautiful will further support our appearance . And again , healthy hair and a greatly reduced risk of baldness at an early age . Yukk we look at some tips to nourish the hair to remain healthy, thick and beautiful .- Never tried the herb aloe vera ? Tablets so easy , just grab some aloe vera leaves to take meat in it and rubbed into the scalp and hair , let sit 10-15 minutes to do 2 weeks. Aloe vera has a property to enrich and nourish our hair .- Hazelnut oil is also believed to help nourish the hair and also make natural black hair . Use hazelnut oil on the hair cream instead of cream bath , set aside some time and then rinse the hair as usual . Hazelnut oil is available in cosmetics stores .- When you have more time , try using fruit juice or melon flesh melon that has been in the blender as a replacement for your cream bath cream at home . Melons contain vitamins that help nourish hair healthy and shiny .- Coconut milk you can also use as lyrics for traditional and natural cosmetics to nourish your hair . I 've tried , in addition to nourish hair coconut milk also makes lambut feel smooth and soft tablets .- Water stale tea ( which has been left in one night ) believed to nourish the hair . How: before bathing , tea that has been allowed to stand overnight was watered to the hair , and then close the section of hair with a towel , allow approximately half an hour in order to absorb and then rinsed .Do not forget to also always choose the right shampoo for your hair more healthy and beautiful ya .. :)

10 Skills that can boost employment career

In the world of work is not only necessary experience and technical skills alone . The ability to socialize with co-workers is also needed in developing a career in the world of work .Meanwhile , Teri Hockett , Chief Executive of Whats For Work said, the person's skills can be assessed ranging from how people socialize with each other , which can be viewed from the perspective of verbal and non- verbal .

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As quoted by Forbes , with good skills can maximize relationships with others in the workplace and increase productivity for the benefit of all the people effectively .Here are 10 criteria that ability is indispensable in the world of work :1 . Ability to interact with othersHockett said , the ability to interact with others and their point of view is very important in business . By having a good personality and experience , it can be easy to relate to all people .2 . Ability to communicateThis is one of the most basic skills , as it relates to your ability to connect with other colleagues .3 . Ability to be patientIf you can be patient with the face of another person , and as well as still has a calm demeanor when dealing with distressed situations , then it can be one of the most important assets to be considered by management .4 . Able to be able to trust othersYou can have a good career if you can be trusted . Without it you can not get the project to be done .5 . Know how and when to show empathy" By having the ability to be able to put you in the shoes of others , it can also be one of the keys to achieve the chance . It can make us create relationships with others , and able to motivate others , "said Ryan Kahn , Founder of The Hired group .6 . Ability to be a listenerListening to someone and actively listen to others are two different things . Hockett said , most people only listen when people talk , and begin to form in the mind responds , even worse when people start talking before the finish with what was said ." The key is active listening , which takes more time but can yield better results . This means you listen without interruption , and then take the time to think , and formed a response before answering . It takes practice , "said Hockett .7 . Always sincere interest in othersPeople know when you are really very interested in them . If you do not show interest , ask thoughtful questions , and consider their answers .8 . FlexibleBeing fun or have a good personality can depend on the context of the situation . One has very good communication skills and be able to put conditions so that they can respond according to what the situation required .9 . Ability to better assessGood assessment is one of the key skills that can be directly studied , listening to others , observing the world around you . It can make us to be wise to react and respond to something to make a decision .10 . Ability to persuade othersThere is a good chance in your career when should offer ideas . You should be able to form a strong argument to convince .

15 Ways to Do Business Online

As reported from , Tuesday ( 07/09/2013 ) , to earn money through online business was not entirely smooth . we have to strive hard and spend a lot of time to get it . Even so , there are some software and tools that can be used to support a decent income .

Here are 15 ways to make money online :
1 . Sell software
One of the ways this can be considered as the most best way to make money online . We can sell the product as a program for the company , or even for personal use . There are many sites like Commission Junction , Amazon , and ClickBank where we can join and sell your programming .
2 . Blogging
Terms of this method only requires the ability and experience to write . Many types of blog platforms such as blogger , wordpress and HubPages where we can create an account and start sending blog posts . at the moment people read the blog and clicking the ads that we post , from where the money will flow into our wallets .
3 . Become a freelance writer ( freelance writer )
Many companies are paying only for writing articles . All it takes is to do some research and ajuakn application to the company . we can obtain sufficient income if it has the ability to write .
4 . Taking a Survey Online
By following an online survey to give consumers information about our products can also earn money . Surveys like this are very free and the company will pay for your participation .
5 . Sell on eBay
We can sell a new product or is not useful on eBay to earn a commission on every item sold .
6 . Services web design
If you have knowledge in programming and web design , we can create a great site . Then we can sell them at expensive prices . And not only that , we can even use the software ( software ) like Kompozer free to design the website .
7 . Services logo design
We can create a variety of logos and sell them online . Many companies and websites who want to pay expensive expertise we create the logo .
8 . Sell photos
With photographic capabilities , start - fotor upload photos that we have on the Internet . Anyone who downloaded the images , we will get paid .
9 . Sharing files
There are some sites where we can upload a file and wherever someone will download it , we can get paid .
10 . Reading email
By reading the email , we can get the money . Many of the sites where we are registered to receive email . we will get paid for every email opened and read .
11 . Showing Ads
With display ads on our site and let others clicked we will also get a commission . A variety of websites such as Google , Amazon , eBay has a program like Google Adsense ads to display ads .
12 . The virtual assistant
Working as a virtual asistern can also make money . This work is necessary to perform a variety of research , and make a phone call documentation .
13 . Sell eBooks
This is a great way to make money . If we have some great topics , we can write an eBook and sell it online .
14 . Input Data
There are several companies that offer data entry job . The company asked us to be paid according to data typing and work completed .
15 . Playing games online
Although not good at playing in the real world , a lot of sites that will pay us for playing a game on its website . Registration on this site is not regularly charged and we can get a lot of money .
15 Ways to Do Business Online

9 Ways of Doing Business Entrepreneurial Success

Here's 9 Ways of Doing Business are often used by the Entrepreneurial Success , success or failure depends on the efforts and our prayers . made under this trick as an alternative before starting a business , and making references :
1.Upaya to meet Consumer Needs
It is the most common business ideas . Let's say around the house If there is a need laundry services , internet cafe , cooked dishes , computer rental , courses , etc. , open a business that suits their needs . And as the key , meet the needs of consumers , and provide the best products and services . Effort is based on the principle needs of all types of businesses .
The uniqueness of the products offered 2.Jual
When we are creative and innovative passable , certainly a lot of things that can dikreasikan . To find the latest business opportunity ideas can be started from the discovery of new products , technologies , systems , and new programs . Or even writing a book with new ideas that can be in the account . The new findings especially distinctive and unique , very likely to penetrate the market .
3.Menduplikasi Other Businesses
As for the less creative and innovative , do not be discouraged . There are many business ideas spread everywhere , maybe even in front of our eyes . We just need to read every opportunity , to measure the potential , and take risks . For example , we have around the house close to the school no business selling food , what's wrong with the business rival , stay providing value and service more of our efforts .
4.Memberi Additional Facilities
As the above but required a bit of creativity . For example, if you want to start eateries , provide competitive prices and offers a comfortable place to chat with other shoppers buyers , so buyers linger shopping in our shop .
5.Jual Skills
Pay attention to the talents of each person , because it can be a lucrative business opportunity . Many talented people when developed and given a place to sell expensive . Places such as restaurants , shops , salons , classes , services , shopping malls , and the market is a storehouse of talent . For example, take only 2-3 people barber , rent a nice place , a complete tool , brand specific , and training on how the service is good . So exclusive salon business can already owned .
6.Menjadi Agent
The same way as before , for example, opening an employment agency , a housekeeper , filler entertainment events , weddings , etc. . business idea like this takes experience and an extensive network of relationships . But not to worry , for this we can hire someone who is experienced in the field.
7.Menjual Second Item
Still not a lot of people who are interested in this type of business . Particular the second item of historical value can have a high price . For the start we could start with the hunt original branded items that are not used anymore , and sell it elsewhere at special prices .
8.Membuka Office
For example, for accountants , doctors , lawyers , notaries , or consultants . By profession invite colleagues and friends can be invited to a joint to open his own office . Sell ​​your skills and experience . If you have a good reputation and extensive network , do not fear lack of clients .
9.Membeli Franchise
When you have a sizable capital , and did not bother to think about the product itself , could select a franchise business ( franchise ) . However , carefulness which reads franchise prospects good market potential .
Now many franchise options , with large capital or mediocre .

Tips overcome and prevent dry lips

Appearance and beauty is a priority for women , beauty and health is no exception lips .
Bergonta - change brand lipstick , pollution , vitamin deficiency and lack of fluids can cause dry lips and broken - broken . This is very uncomfortable for us .
Let's check the following article to resolve and prevent dryness of your lips .
1 . Make the honey to moisturize . The trick mix two teaspoons of honey and oatmeal to form the dough and rub on the lips , massage, massage and let sit for a minute or two . Clean with a damp washcloth to clean . Use as often as possible . Honey contains a natural humectant to moisturize the skin ,
2 . Do not store lipstick , lip balm or any product associated with your lips when it is over the age of one and a half years . Expired products , is certainly going to make you irritated lips .
3 . Use olive oil for massage to help circulation in the lips to be smooth so that lips stay healthy . You can also use olive oil for basting on the lips while massaging your lips .

Tips on dealing with dandruff

Who can stand the dandruff scalp , addition can cause hair loss and damage the beauty of hair, dandruff is also very disturbing because they cause intense itching and can cause sores on the scalp in severe cases .If the product you are anti-dandruff shampoo can not help resolve again , it would not hurt to try some of the tips below :

• Orange juiceCut the lime fruit , meat rubbed in it on the scalp is dandruff . Wait a while and then wash as usual .
• Coconut oilMix 8 teaspoons of coconut oil with half the lemon juice . Rubbing on the hair and leave for a few minutes , then rinse thoroughly .
• Vinegar or lemon juiceMassage vinegar on the hair of the head and leave it for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly . Perform routine . Less than a week , dandruff will disappear .
• Yogurtyogurt has acidic properties that can help reduce dandruff . Wet your hair then pijatkan yogurt into the scalp and leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse thoroughly .
Good luck :)

Tips eliminate body odor

Have you ever lost confidence because of body odor ? to who had this problem the answer is definitely " yes " Indeed, body odor or BB debilitating, especially if the work or our daily lives requires that we are dealing with a lot of people , direct style deh so dead : ( .
Sometimes a shower is not enough to eliminate the problem BB . Many factors cause one BB stress, lack of hygiene or unhealthy eating habits . I created this article to simply provide information and resolve the problem by eliminating the BB .
1 . Always maintain the cleanliness of the body . 2 min bath twice a day with an antiseptic soap can be your choice to reduce the BB problem .
2 . After showering try to sprinkle the powder antiseptic in the body , especially the underarm area . There are a mainstay product for this one antiseptic powder brands Heroc * n .
3 . There are many deodorant products are sold freely in the market , of which roll on , stick and spray . Try to use each activity you will start the day .
4 . Drinking boiled water betel leaves 2-3 times a week and eating fresh vegetables basil leaves can also be an alternative way to eliminate body odor from the inside .
5 . Choose clothing that is comfortable to wear and can absorb sweat well , especially if you are a lot of outdoors activities or move very much advisable to use clothes that do not cause a lot of sweat or make the wearer heat .
6 . Restrict fatty foods , spicy and daging2an can reduce this problem for you BB problematic because of the food .
7 . Shaving armpit hairs and clean regularly. For the people here enough to tidy it up regularly.
Good luck ya :)

Tips Smoothing Hand

who does not want his hands soft , smooth and healthy ? Surely we especially women crave . Moreover, parts of the body including the hands easily diliat and perceived by others, especially when we shake hands .
But housework , office busyness and various other activities can make our hands become rough and unkempt . How to make us become more beautiful hands , below are some tips that we can use .

Try to remove the dead skin cells by dissolving sea salt and lemon . Gently rub this mixture on hand with a toothbrush that has been unused . Do this twice a week in order to soften hands and remove discoloration on the skin of the hands .
Prepare the olive oil and cotton gloves . Soak your gloves with olive oil , squeeze well and wear during sleep . If your nails feel dry , try to soak your nails for about 10 minutes in warm water , then drain and immediately make a moisturizer that contains a variety of ingredients such as urea , lactic arid and aliserin oil . Do this treatment twice a day .
After washing, dry it with a cloth and then wipe the moisturizer to hands and nails that gentleness is always awake
Soak your hands for 5 minutes in a cup of milk that has been warmed to strengthen nails and hydrate skin . Content role in milk not only contains lactit acid , an alpha hydroxy acid that exfoliates dead skin cells able to gently but also contains calcium which is useful to strengthen brittle nails .
Do not throw your coffee grounds in the house , try his menggosok2kan kada your palms . It serves as a smoothing and softening hand scrub also loh .
good luck :)

face powder bleach dangerous

Already a desire of the majority of Indonesian women to have white skin clean and smooth . You are also one of them , right? : D
Yes the texture and color of her skin is slightly darker Indonesia in Asian Countries compare colder climates for example Japanese and Chinese . And the belief that white is so beautiful in the minds of the attachment of Indonesian women .
Not a few of us doing a variety of ways to make the skin look whiter . Physician care , beauty clinics is expensive , try lightening products in TV ads as tempted to use whitening products are sold freely even without the oversight of POM .
The latter is actually very, very safe and healthy for our skin tablets . Because without the supervision of a health center we do not know what is contained in the whitening products , alamikah or chemicals that can damage the skin in the long run .
The content that is considered dangerous in whitening products one of which is mercury and hydroquinone . Did you know that mercury is a poison , and the poison of any kind is not good for the body and skin . Unfortunately many rogue manufacturers are still entering into the mercury content of cosmetic products bleach .
Hydroquinone to a certain extent still is considered reasonable and safe for the skin . But when concentrates are very high and without medical supervision is very dangerous side effects to the body such as skin damage and can even cause kidney damage .
so be careful in selecting a whitening cosmetic products for your skin , because as white and smooth as you face but nothing that should effect the future on the responsibility resulting from the use of whitening products would be very detrimental to you .

Tips care for sensitive skin

Indeed sensitive skin requires extra care than other skin types . One bit can cause problems on your face . If you think you have sensitive skin you should take the following steps to skin care .
* When cleaning make up use a gentle cleanser that does not contain soap ( soap free ) or makeup cleanser ( makeup remover ) soft
* Should you find products labeled for sensitive skin with skin . Or products that contain anti- inflammatory herbs such as chamomile or soothing aloe skin so you stay awake

* Use toners that do not contain alcohol . Because products containing alcohol will trigger a reaction in sensitive skin . Should you choose toners containing lavender or witch hazel .

* Experimenting with caution . Do you try new products at once . If you are unsure how your skin reaction to a product you should do a skin test first. Try the product on a small portion and wait 24 hours to see if your skin reacts .

* Choose a sunblock and moisturizer that contains anti sunlight . In order for your face protected from the sun's ultraviolet rays , you should use a sunblock that contains zinc or titanium dioxide .
* If your skin irritant cosmetic products such as shock and flushed face is usually the first sign and you should immediately discontinue use of these products . If you suffer from these symptoms and become swollen within 24 to 36 hours after using it then chances are you are allergic to ingredients in the product .
So you should be careful of cosmetic products on the market . Do you choose cosmetics that are based on the cheap price alone , but you should also look ingredientnya

Tips tackle oily scalp

Who would not be annoyed if the oily scalp , hair so easily soiled , limp and damp . But do not rush to buy expensive beauty products hair or go to a salon every time to care . try using the traditional way at home with a glance to your kitchen . Because the materials that you will use must always be available there , which is salt .
Yes salt , salt who says only serves as herbs , in fact salt can also be used to clean the hair . Salt capable mengeyahkan oil and dirt on the hair without wetting the hair .
Clean your hair dry with salt . The salt will absorb the oil , bacteria , and skin kepala.Caranya stand in the shower or outdoors , massage the scalp to the hair with 1 tablespoon coarse salt ( for long hair , use 2 tablespoons of salt ) . Let stand for 15 minutes . To clean the salt out of the hair and scalp , you can use a natural bristle brush is dry .
When thinning finance , you have to prioritize critical needs rather than spend the money to go to a salon . It never hurts to take a little time to try the tips above , your partner will be guaranteed a big smile because this month you have a budget surplus and do not worry , you will tetep really beautiful ..

Tips cope with dry skin

Do you long to be in the air indoors can make our skin dry ? ? as well as sunlight and air pollution , in addition to making the skin loses moisture also can make skin unhealthy and lost her beauty .
Beautiful skin , healthy and gentle certainly an honor for us women . This article will give you some tips to overcome your beautiful skin to keep awake and not kelembababnya becomes drier :
1 . Drink lots of water
drink at least 2 liters of water per day to avoid dehydration .
2 . Bath and cleanse the skin with the right
Choose a soap that contains moisturizer , do not rub the skin too hard , as much as possible reduce hot bath too often as it will only make the skin more dry .
3 . Use sunscreen and skin moisturizer
If you must work outdoors in the sun or in a refrigerated room always wear sunscreen cream SPF and moisturizing body cream or moisturizer .
4 . Drink vitamin - E , vegetable and fruit
Eat more vegetables , fruits and do not forget to consume Vit E if necessary . Vitamins and minerals are able to make our skin more healthy and beautiful .
5 . diligent exercise
Try to exercise regularly at least 3 times a week . Exercising can make our body healthy and fit also makes our skin look fresher .
Hopefully this article can harden resolve your problem .. :)

Tips create a mask of fruit bengkoang

anyone who does not want to have white skin, clean and not dull. various ways to get it done, than wear cheap whitening products until the prices of millions. although we do not know the Halal or Secure products for skin and our health in the future.

to get skin clean and beautiful let's make your own mask whitening of yam safe and natural home.

how: 1 small piece grated yam, then apply to face for 20 minutes, rinse with water and dry.

good luck with ya .. :)

anyone who does not want to have white skin, clean and not dull. various ways to get it done, than wear cheap whitening products until the prices of millions. although we do not know the Halal or Secure products for skin and our health in the future.

to get skin clean and beautiful let's make your own mask whitening of yam safe and natural home.

how: 1 small piece grated yam, then apply to face for 20 minutes, rinse with water and dry.

good luck with ya .. :)

Tips to remove stains on clothing turmeric

to remove turmeric stains on your favorite clothes ..

1. With Whiting

Take whiting, put the stained sections, and dub-dub rinse with clean water and dry using regular detergent. But if turmeric stains still stuck try soaking overnight with whiting, then wash with soap.

2. with Salt

Wet a piece of clothing that turmeric stains with clean water, then sprinkle salt on top of dub-dub. Let stand for 30 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly

3. With lemon

Take one lemon, sliced ​​with a knife and then rub the turmeric stains on your clothes. Then wash with regular detergent and dry

Good luck

Tips Beautiful With Coffee Body Scrub

Who does not want to have smooth skin, soft and smooth. surely every woman perform a variety of ways to make it happen. One of them is by using a scrub or peeling of the skin of the body.

But sometimes we do not have the time to just relax and berlulur at the spa or body treatment center. Why do not you try to make yourself at home scrub.

One way is to use coffee. Coffee has properties as discharge toxins on the skin, can remove scars or mosquito bites, smooth the skin and make the skin smooth and taut strong.

how to make:

2-3 tablespoons brewed coffee powder pulpy. If you are a fan of coffee should be drunk his coffee. : D then take the waste rub on the skin that you want to scrub, wait half dry, massage, massage gently until the dirt and coffee grounds apart.

This scrub did 2 weeks to get the desired results. Good luck. :)

dangers of instant noodles

did you know that behind the pleasure of instant noodles matchless there is a danger that can threaten our bodies in time to come .
And irritable bowel cancer is one of the consequences that could be caused if you consume too many instant noodles . candles on a layer of noodles in trust can cause injury to the bowel . Similarly, the MSG content in the marinade can adversely affect health .
Reducing the consumption of noodles is a wise way to maintain your health , give a distance of at least 3 days if you want to eat instant noodles again , because new research shows noodles can be digested properly for 3 days in the gut .
If you want to consume instant noodles boiled , make sure you throw the noodles first boiled water and replace it with a new one , it is better to replace the usual seasoning with salt and pepper plus a sprinkling of fried onions to get around the taste , as good for your health anyway .. ;)
No one can maintain the health besides ourselves . So start loving your body from the little things that you think is trivial . :)
let's get healthy! !

Natural Black Hair Tips

Hair color trend is now more colorful alone .. But black hair color remains the favorite of most women .Having a black and shiny hair does not have to drain your pockets for his cat a beauty salon loh .. we can do the treatment yourself at home is certainly more secure and cheap ..Some of the natural treatments you can do at home is to use walnut oil or olive oil and mix well honey . yukk we make this natural herb .

Treatment with hazelnut oilmaterial :250 grams of mashed beans and hazelnut pureeone glass of waterhow to make :heat the water in the pot , which has been crushed pecan input , aduk2 to boil and oil out . Let cool then strain . Then reheat the water filter was until thickened . keep in containers let it cool , and apply on your hair scalp .

Olive oil and honeymaterial :1 tablespoon olive oil1 tablespoon honeyhow to make :The bahan2 mix , use on hair that has been washed and cleaned , wait 30 minutes then wash with shampoo . did treatment 2 weeks to get natural black hair .good luck :)

Tips eliminate eye bags

the following tips to overcome the instant of eye bags as well as rather drain the bag:
* Drink lots of waterwater turned out to save a variety of benefitswhich is very good for skin health ,especially to support our beauty as a woman .one of them makes the skin firmer ,not dry and fresh at all times , especially in our eyes .
* Rest fairlyadequate rest is highly recommended to eliminate eye bags ,set the hours you sleep at least 7-8 hours a day .
* Sliced ​​Potatoes and cucumberslices of potato and cucumber can make yourid of dark circles scary for women .The way is easy , with the slices stick in your eyes ,If you routinely perform this traditional way 3 times a week ,then in a few months your eyes will be more beautiful and shining .
* Use eye creamapply eye cream by gently massaging the bag of the eye .choosing the eye cream as needed and age .use every night before you sleep .
* compress using ice cubeswrap an ice cube with a piece of clean cloth ,then compress in both our eyes .coldness of the ice cubes will make us deflate eye bagsand make it look more luminous .
* use a concealer and foundation rightnah that we can do for this sudden chanceand no time to work on the show compress compress ..can also apply concealer or foundation under our eyes that look baggy eyes , guaranteed to help you look more beautiful in the moment ..

Tips overcome and eliminate cellulite

Cellulite is a skin disorder that can be caused by the accumulation of fat under the skin , which makes the skin look uneven even like orange peel ..
although usually arise in daerah2 closed , but still for some women it is very frustrating and scary .. some tips on how to prevent and treat cellulite
1 . a lot of movement and exercise activities do not be lazy .. yes buuu with berolahaga our body weight is reduced and bagian2 will look more toned body , thereby reducing the formation of selulit2 in some parts of the body ..
2 . Adjust your diet , and eat nutritious foods
multiply that contain fiber , protein and vitamins . Avoid foods that contain lots of sugar , caffeine , saturated fat , and contain lots of salt can lead to cellulite .
3 . Apply cellulite cream to fix the problem on a regular basis . with good treatment result would certainly be good also .
4 . pink laser method
Laser Pink working system called bio -stimulating system has the aim to reactivate the lymphatic cells so that your metabolism can be improved . This then stimulates the body to repair the system that previously did not go well . Be able to decipher body fat clot beneath the skin surface . so as to eliminate selulit2 in our skin .
5 . massage and scrub
massage and scrub on the skin that do berselulit as often as possible . This will make a smooth blood circulation , smooth the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite and prevents new .
I hope my post can help this time .. :)

Tips breast cancer

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that develops in the breast tissue with uncontrolled , cause some likelihood of breast cancer are :
* Genetic factors ,There are 2 types of genes ( BRCA1 and BRCA2 ) are very likely as a risk . If the mother or female relatives of breast cancer , then you likely have an increased risk of breast cancer 2-fold compared to the other women in her family there was no single patient . This makes me a little scared because 2 of my mother's sister women with a history of cancer and one of them is still struggling to recover , : ( (
* Age factor ,Increased breast cancer at young age or older . recommended for adults , especially women who are married to get used to check the condition of health, especially breast and uterus to a gynecologist
* Dietary factorsconsumption of fats and preservatives fast makanan2 plus the lack of cleanliness and diverse food
* Due to the use of drugsFor example, a woman who uses hormone replacement therapy drugs { hormone replacement therapy ( HRT ) } as exogenous hormones may lead to an increased risk of getting breast cancer .
* Other factors suspected as a cause of breast cancer is ; not married , married but no children , gave birth to her first child after age 35 years , never feed a child .
Some studies reveal that breast cancer is increased in people who often face stressful conditions ( shaking soul ) and also for women who menstruate earlier under the age of 11 years .
signs of breast cancer
* A lump in the breast , should be wary though not painful .* Nipple into the contract with discoloration and swelling* Discharge from the nipple when breastfeeding was not
most likely it is tanda2 of breast cancerconsult a physician immediately this conditionmenebak2 never menunda2 or what happens to your breast
preventing breast cancer
* Avoid obesity ,* Eat less fat ,* Lots of foods that contain vitamins A and C ,* Do not eat too much of marinated and smoked ,* Exercise regularly , and check-up breasts since the age of 30 years on a regular basis .

Beauty Tips: Ritual pretty before sleepy

sometimes routine as working women and housewives sizable draining . be awaited night time for a break and rest . so you sleep better , there are some rituals that I normally do before bedtime so that sleep is more restful and quality .
1 . bathIn fact a shower before bed makes us sleepy . Bener tablets before bed when I'm not lazy I 'll usually shower , will easily sleepy . fresh clean body and also make us sleep soundly . plus make getting stuck while sleeping husband , fragrant sieehh .
2 . drink a glass of milkfill our stomach before bed it can make us more comfortable sleep . but not to eat a heavy meal , if I simply by drinking a glass of warm milk . mengeyangkan enough , so nights do not need to wake up because stomach rumbling . That fear of fat low fat milk aja .
3 . night creamdo not miss out at night without any nutrients to your skin , especially the face . A day of play with children , exposed to sunlight , air conditioned room of work , contact with hot air cooking time , etc. , can make our skin dull . use night cream is the right thing to optimize the regeneration of our skin . select suitable for your skin type and needs.
4 . lotionGrandpa 's that same night cream , which is to moisturize my skin that tends to dry .
5 . readreading can make us fast asleep , try deh . I often read if you want to sleep , and was so fast asleep .
This ya a few tips from me , may be useful for women and young ibu2 to improve the quality of sleep ,

tips to lose weight after giving birth

1 . taking care of the baby aloneThe first time I gave birth to a baby to take care of themselves . It never occurred to use the services of a child caretaker , too cool for my wife as a public servants , but also occasionally assisted by my mother . By taking care of our own body baby move so often so the more fat is burned in the body .
2 . nurseKo tablets turns feeding the baby we could make a little more weight us down . In fact it would be easier for nursing mothers to reduce the fat in the body especially in the area of ​​3P ( thighs , hips and buttocks ) , than mothers who did not menyusui.Kalau we give breast milk to the baby within 4-6 months can weigh down although very slowly . probably because the routine up at night to breastfeed etc that make our weight down .
3 . eating high fiber foodsparents in the family forbade me to makan2an fatty and bersantan time after delivery , because it can make the body more fat and she can make milk production to be less good . I found myself eating a lot of vegetables and fruits in considerable amounts rather than carbohydrates . already know right fiber foods make our digestive mbikin smoothly and not fat .
4 . exerciseya loh not strenuous exercise , especially that cesarean delivery is not recommended as I am for a strenuous period of 4-6 months . I exercise enough to bring a baby jalan2 in the morning and evening , keliling2 complex alone . can make our body more toned .
5 . potions old schoolsince childbirth until now I still often use a mixture of lemon juice concoction and whiting . this medicine is useful to eliminate cellulite and lemak2 in folds of skin , rubbed in sering2 wrote in the thighs, arms , buttocks , especially the stomach .
6 . select the appropriate kbI had first pick - kb injecting air , either suggestion or anything but my weight tends to go up and do not want to go down , now I turn to her birth control pills brands diane35 . passable my weight is not easy and even tends to rise quickly dropped .
weight over the months I like to go up and down as well , but I am trying to implement a healthy lifestyle and food combination . final weight I 've reached the ideal weight before giving birth .

Make- up tools

some make-up must-have tool for women :
- Make- up spongesoft textured and there bermacam2 form . used for leveling a foundation in the area around the face .
- Brush powderChoose large , with soft fur . This brush is used to prevent the powder or blush on your face . use by sweeping across the face to get rid of the remnants of make - up .
- Brush blushSmaller size of talcum powder . Use for applying blush-on .applying blush there are tricks and tips to jenis2 and shape of the face to look more perfect appearance .
- Brush eyeshadowThere bermacam2 eye shadow brush shape . Made of soft fur . You can use it to apply eyeshadow .
- Sponge eye shadowwarna2 use to apply eye shadow on your eyelids . In addition you can use to apply higlight on the brow bone .- Brush eyebrows and eyelashesThis tool has 2 uses . comb made of plastic on one side useful for eyelash brush mascara to avoid clumps . While the other side has a synthetic
fur you can use to shape eyebrows .- Brush lipstickUse a brush to apply lipstick on your lips . small fluffy texture and tapered ends .
- Eyelash CurlerThe one that I have really mandatory . how the results tongs cause eye lashes look more alive and radiant .
nah it was a bit of some of the tools that make up the standard you shall have ..yes women do not forget to equip it in your cosmetic purse .. : D

Tips to prevent premature aging

Symptoms of Aging :
Wrinkle / Wrinkles are the main symptoms of aging on the skin .Age is not the main cause .Most of facial lines and wrinkles / wrinkles caused by excessive exposure to UV rays .
The lines around the corners of the eyes as well as wrinkles between the nose and upper lip due to the elastic fibers in the skin , skin sehinggamenyebabkan reduced and folded into a wrinkle / wrinkle . and also laugh lines ( laugh lines) which is the natural effect of aging .
prevent premature aging :
* Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables which contain fiber and vitamins that help facilitate the process of metabolism and digestion and nourishes the skin
* do 1 hour of regular exercise every day . At the time of exercise skin pores will sweat so naturally that cleans the blood circulation going smoothly , and improves skin metabolism .
* Stop smoking habit . Nicotine in cigarettes accelerate the onset of wrinkles at the end of the eyes, forehead and the side of the lip . Moreover , the skin will look dull and rough . and Keep away from alcoholic beverages !
* At least drink 8 glasses of water per day . drinking less will affect the skin looks scaly , dry , dull , and loses its elasticity .
* Ideally , sleep under 22:00 hours for 8 hours a day . Therefore , the process of repair and regeneration of skin to work effectively at 21.00 - 24.00 pm .
* use a cream that contains antioxidants vitaminC . Vitamin C shown to suppress skin pigmentation process so much material is also used as a skin whitening ( whitening ) .