Characteristics of wastewater

article - material characteristics of waste water there are some typical kaakteristik owned wastewater as follows:

Wastewater physical characteristics
wastewater consists of 99 % water , whereas the solid ingredients reached 0.1 % in the form of suspended solids ( suspended solids ) , whose volume varies between 100-500 mg / L. If the volume of suspended solids less than 100 mg / l , while the waste water is called weak if more than 500 mg / L is called strong
Wastewater chemical characteristics
waste water is usually mixed with inorganic chemicals from water and organic matter from the waste itself . current out of the source of alkaline wastewater berdifat however , waste water or rot will have long since been experiencing acidic organic ingredients have undergone a process of decomposition which can cause unpleasant odors composition of the mixture of substances that can be:
combined with eg urea nitrogen , protein or amino acid
combined with non- nitrogen contained in wastewater such as the fat , soap , or carbohydrates .
Wastewater bacteriological characteristics
bacterial pathogens found in wastewater are usually belonged to the E.coliBibliographyDear Candra 2005 , Introduction to Environmental Health , EGC , Jakarta