Tips nourish Hair

Who does not want hair not only looks thick ( at the salon blow effect : P ) but it is really healthy and beautiful thick .I want loh : D , because the hair is thick and beautiful will further support our appearance . And again , healthy hair and a greatly reduced risk of baldness at an early age . Yukk we look at some tips to nourish the hair to remain healthy, thick and beautiful .- Never tried the herb aloe vera ? Tablets so easy , just grab some aloe vera leaves to take meat in it and rubbed into the scalp and hair , let sit 10-15 minutes to do 2 weeks. Aloe vera has a property to enrich and nourish our hair .- Hazelnut oil is also believed to help nourish the hair and also make natural black hair . Use hazelnut oil on the hair cream instead of cream bath , set aside some time and then rinse the hair as usual . Hazelnut oil is available in cosmetics stores .- When you have more time , try using fruit juice or melon flesh melon that has been in the blender as a replacement for your cream bath cream at home . Melons contain vitamins that help nourish hair healthy and shiny .- Coconut milk you can also use as lyrics for traditional and natural cosmetics to nourish your hair . I 've tried , in addition to nourish hair coconut milk also makes lambut feel smooth and soft tablets .- Water stale tea ( which has been left in one night ) believed to nourish the hair . How: before bathing , tea that has been allowed to stand overnight was watered to the hair , and then close the section of hair with a towel , allow approximately half an hour in order to absorb and then rinsed .Do not forget to also always choose the right shampoo for your hair more healthy and beautiful ya .. :)

10 Skills that can boost employment career

In the world of work is not only necessary experience and technical skills alone . The ability to socialize with co-workers is also needed in developing a career in the world of work .Meanwhile , Teri Hockett , Chief Executive of Whats For Work said, the person's skills can be assessed ranging from how people socialize with each other , which can be viewed from the perspective of verbal and non- verbal .

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As quoted by Forbes , with good skills can maximize relationships with others in the workplace and increase productivity for the benefit of all the people effectively .Here are 10 criteria that ability is indispensable in the world of work :1 . Ability to interact with othersHockett said , the ability to interact with others and their point of view is very important in business . By having a good personality and experience , it can be easy to relate to all people .2 . Ability to communicateThis is one of the most basic skills , as it relates to your ability to connect with other colleagues .3 . Ability to be patientIf you can be patient with the face of another person , and as well as still has a calm demeanor when dealing with distressed situations , then it can be one of the most important assets to be considered by management .4 . Able to be able to trust othersYou can have a good career if you can be trusted . Without it you can not get the project to be done .5 . Know how and when to show empathy" By having the ability to be able to put you in the shoes of others , it can also be one of the keys to achieve the chance . It can make us create relationships with others , and able to motivate others , "said Ryan Kahn , Founder of The Hired group .6 . Ability to be a listenerListening to someone and actively listen to others are two different things . Hockett said , most people only listen when people talk , and begin to form in the mind responds , even worse when people start talking before the finish with what was said ." The key is active listening , which takes more time but can yield better results . This means you listen without interruption , and then take the time to think , and formed a response before answering . It takes practice , "said Hockett .7 . Always sincere interest in othersPeople know when you are really very interested in them . If you do not show interest , ask thoughtful questions , and consider their answers .8 . FlexibleBeing fun or have a good personality can depend on the context of the situation . One has very good communication skills and be able to put conditions so that they can respond according to what the situation required .9 . Ability to better assessGood assessment is one of the key skills that can be directly studied , listening to others , observing the world around you . It can make us to be wise to react and respond to something to make a decision .10 . Ability to persuade othersThere is a good chance in your career when should offer ideas . You should be able to form a strong argument to convince .

15 Ways to Do Business Online

As reported from , Tuesday ( 07/09/2013 ) , to earn money through online business was not entirely smooth . we have to strive hard and spend a lot of time to get it . Even so , there are some software and tools that can be used to support a decent income .

Here are 15 ways to make money online :
1 . Sell software
One of the ways this can be considered as the most best way to make money online . We can sell the product as a program for the company , or even for personal use . There are many sites like Commission Junction , Amazon , and ClickBank where we can join and sell your programming .
2 . Blogging
Terms of this method only requires the ability and experience to write . Many types of blog platforms such as blogger , wordpress and HubPages where we can create an account and start sending blog posts . at the moment people read the blog and clicking the ads that we post , from where the money will flow into our wallets .
3 . Become a freelance writer ( freelance writer )
Many companies are paying only for writing articles . All it takes is to do some research and ajuakn application to the company . we can obtain sufficient income if it has the ability to write .
4 . Taking a Survey Online
By following an online survey to give consumers information about our products can also earn money . Surveys like this are very free and the company will pay for your participation .
5 . Sell on eBay
We can sell a new product or is not useful on eBay to earn a commission on every item sold .
6 . Services web design
If you have knowledge in programming and web design , we can create a great site . Then we can sell them at expensive prices . And not only that , we can even use the software ( software ) like Kompozer free to design the website .
7 . Services logo design
We can create a variety of logos and sell them online . Many companies and websites who want to pay expensive expertise we create the logo .
8 . Sell photos
With photographic capabilities , start - fotor upload photos that we have on the Internet . Anyone who downloaded the images , we will get paid .
9 . Sharing files
There are some sites where we can upload a file and wherever someone will download it , we can get paid .
10 . Reading email
By reading the email , we can get the money . Many of the sites where we are registered to receive email . we will get paid for every email opened and read .
11 . Showing Ads
With display ads on our site and let others clicked we will also get a commission . A variety of websites such as Google , Amazon , eBay has a program like Google Adsense ads to display ads .
12 . The virtual assistant
Working as a virtual asistern can also make money . This work is necessary to perform a variety of research , and make a phone call documentation .
13 . Sell eBooks
This is a great way to make money . If we have some great topics , we can write an eBook and sell it online .
14 . Input Data
There are several companies that offer data entry job . The company asked us to be paid according to data typing and work completed .
15 . Playing games online
Although not good at playing in the real world , a lot of sites that will pay us for playing a game on its website . Registration on this site is not regularly charged and we can get a lot of money .
15 Ways to Do Business Online

9 Ways of Doing Business Entrepreneurial Success

Here's 9 Ways of Doing Business are often used by the Entrepreneurial Success , success or failure depends on the efforts and our prayers . made under this trick as an alternative before starting a business , and making references :
1.Upaya to meet Consumer Needs
It is the most common business ideas . Let's say around the house If there is a need laundry services , internet cafe , cooked dishes , computer rental , courses , etc. , open a business that suits their needs . And as the key , meet the needs of consumers , and provide the best products and services . Effort is based on the principle needs of all types of businesses .
The uniqueness of the products offered 2.Jual
When we are creative and innovative passable , certainly a lot of things that can dikreasikan . To find the latest business opportunity ideas can be started from the discovery of new products , technologies , systems , and new programs . Or even writing a book with new ideas that can be in the account . The new findings especially distinctive and unique , very likely to penetrate the market .
3.Menduplikasi Other Businesses
As for the less creative and innovative , do not be discouraged . There are many business ideas spread everywhere , maybe even in front of our eyes . We just need to read every opportunity , to measure the potential , and take risks . For example , we have around the house close to the school no business selling food , what's wrong with the business rival , stay providing value and service more of our efforts .
4.Memberi Additional Facilities
As the above but required a bit of creativity . For example, if you want to start eateries , provide competitive prices and offers a comfortable place to chat with other shoppers buyers , so buyers linger shopping in our shop .
5.Jual Skills
Pay attention to the talents of each person , because it can be a lucrative business opportunity . Many talented people when developed and given a place to sell expensive . Places such as restaurants , shops , salons , classes , services , shopping malls , and the market is a storehouse of talent . For example, take only 2-3 people barber , rent a nice place , a complete tool , brand specific , and training on how the service is good . So exclusive salon business can already owned .
6.Menjadi Agent
The same way as before , for example, opening an employment agency , a housekeeper , filler entertainment events , weddings , etc. . business idea like this takes experience and an extensive network of relationships . But not to worry , for this we can hire someone who is experienced in the field.
7.Menjual Second Item
Still not a lot of people who are interested in this type of business . Particular the second item of historical value can have a high price . For the start we could start with the hunt original branded items that are not used anymore , and sell it elsewhere at special prices .
8.Membuka Office
For example, for accountants , doctors , lawyers , notaries , or consultants . By profession invite colleagues and friends can be invited to a joint to open his own office . Sell ​​your skills and experience . If you have a good reputation and extensive network , do not fear lack of clients .
9.Membeli Franchise
When you have a sizable capital , and did not bother to think about the product itself , could select a franchise business ( franchise ) . However , carefulness which reads franchise prospects good market potential .
Now many franchise options , with large capital or mediocre .

Tips overcome and prevent dry lips

Appearance and beauty is a priority for women , beauty and health is no exception lips .
Bergonta - change brand lipstick , pollution , vitamin deficiency and lack of fluids can cause dry lips and broken - broken . This is very uncomfortable for us .
Let's check the following article to resolve and prevent dryness of your lips .
1 . Make the honey to moisturize . The trick mix two teaspoons of honey and oatmeal to form the dough and rub on the lips , massage, massage and let sit for a minute or two . Clean with a damp washcloth to clean . Use as often as possible . Honey contains a natural humectant to moisturize the skin ,
2 . Do not store lipstick , lip balm or any product associated with your lips when it is over the age of one and a half years . Expired products , is certainly going to make you irritated lips .
3 . Use olive oil for massage to help circulation in the lips to be smooth so that lips stay healthy . You can also use olive oil for basting on the lips while massaging your lips .