Tips on dealing with dandruff

Who can stand the dandruff scalp , addition can cause hair loss and damage the beauty of hair, dandruff is also very disturbing because they cause intense itching and can cause sores on the scalp in severe cases .If the product you are anti-dandruff shampoo can not help resolve again , it would not hurt to try some of the tips below :

• Orange juiceCut the lime fruit , meat rubbed in it on the scalp is dandruff . Wait a while and then wash as usual .
• Coconut oilMix 8 teaspoons of coconut oil with half the lemon juice . Rubbing on the hair and leave for a few minutes , then rinse thoroughly .
• Vinegar or lemon juiceMassage vinegar on the hair of the head and leave it for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly . Perform routine . Less than a week , dandruff will disappear .
• Yogurtyogurt has acidic properties that can help reduce dandruff . Wet your hair then pijatkan yogurt into the scalp and leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse thoroughly .
Good luck :)

Tips eliminate body odor

Have you ever lost confidence because of body odor ? to who had this problem the answer is definitely " yes " Indeed, body odor or BB debilitating, especially if the work or our daily lives requires that we are dealing with a lot of people , direct style deh so dead : ( .
Sometimes a shower is not enough to eliminate the problem BB . Many factors cause one BB stress, lack of hygiene or unhealthy eating habits . I created this article to simply provide information and resolve the problem by eliminating the BB .
1 . Always maintain the cleanliness of the body . 2 min bath twice a day with an antiseptic soap can be your choice to reduce the BB problem .
2 . After showering try to sprinkle the powder antiseptic in the body , especially the underarm area . There are a mainstay product for this one antiseptic powder brands Heroc * n .
3 . There are many deodorant products are sold freely in the market , of which roll on , stick and spray . Try to use each activity you will start the day .
4 . Drinking boiled water betel leaves 2-3 times a week and eating fresh vegetables basil leaves can also be an alternative way to eliminate body odor from the inside .
5 . Choose clothing that is comfortable to wear and can absorb sweat well , especially if you are a lot of outdoors activities or move very much advisable to use clothes that do not cause a lot of sweat or make the wearer heat .
6 . Restrict fatty foods , spicy and daging2an can reduce this problem for you BB problematic because of the food .
7 . Shaving armpit hairs and clean regularly. For the people here enough to tidy it up regularly.
Good luck ya :)

Tips Smoothing Hand

who does not want his hands soft , smooth and healthy ? Surely we especially women crave . Moreover, parts of the body including the hands easily diliat and perceived by others, especially when we shake hands .
But housework , office busyness and various other activities can make our hands become rough and unkempt . How to make us become more beautiful hands , below are some tips that we can use .

Try to remove the dead skin cells by dissolving sea salt and lemon . Gently rub this mixture on hand with a toothbrush that has been unused . Do this twice a week in order to soften hands and remove discoloration on the skin of the hands .
Prepare the olive oil and cotton gloves . Soak your gloves with olive oil , squeeze well and wear during sleep . If your nails feel dry , try to soak your nails for about 10 minutes in warm water , then drain and immediately make a moisturizer that contains a variety of ingredients such as urea , lactic arid and aliserin oil . Do this treatment twice a day .
After washing, dry it with a cloth and then wipe the moisturizer to hands and nails that gentleness is always awake
Soak your hands for 5 minutes in a cup of milk that has been warmed to strengthen nails and hydrate skin . Content role in milk not only contains lactit acid , an alpha hydroxy acid that exfoliates dead skin cells able to gently but also contains calcium which is useful to strengthen brittle nails .
Do not throw your coffee grounds in the house , try his menggosok2kan kada your palms . It serves as a smoothing and softening hand scrub also loh .
good luck :)

face powder bleach dangerous

Already a desire of the majority of Indonesian women to have white skin clean and smooth . You are also one of them , right? : D
Yes the texture and color of her skin is slightly darker Indonesia in Asian Countries compare colder climates for example Japanese and Chinese . And the belief that white is so beautiful in the minds of the attachment of Indonesian women .
Not a few of us doing a variety of ways to make the skin look whiter . Physician care , beauty clinics is expensive , try lightening products in TV ads as tempted to use whitening products are sold freely even without the oversight of POM .
The latter is actually very, very safe and healthy for our skin tablets . Because without the supervision of a health center we do not know what is contained in the whitening products , alamikah or chemicals that can damage the skin in the long run .
The content that is considered dangerous in whitening products one of which is mercury and hydroquinone . Did you know that mercury is a poison , and the poison of any kind is not good for the body and skin . Unfortunately many rogue manufacturers are still entering into the mercury content of cosmetic products bleach .
Hydroquinone to a certain extent still is considered reasonable and safe for the skin . But when concentrates are very high and without medical supervision is very dangerous side effects to the body such as skin damage and can even cause kidney damage .
so be careful in selecting a whitening cosmetic products for your skin , because as white and smooth as you face but nothing that should effect the future on the responsibility resulting from the use of whitening products would be very detrimental to you .

Tips care for sensitive skin

Indeed sensitive skin requires extra care than other skin types . One bit can cause problems on your face . If you think you have sensitive skin you should take the following steps to skin care .
* When cleaning make up use a gentle cleanser that does not contain soap ( soap free ) or makeup cleanser ( makeup remover ) soft
* Should you find products labeled for sensitive skin with skin . Or products that contain anti- inflammatory herbs such as chamomile or soothing aloe skin so you stay awake

* Use toners that do not contain alcohol . Because products containing alcohol will trigger a reaction in sensitive skin . Should you choose toners containing lavender or witch hazel .

* Experimenting with caution . Do you try new products at once . If you are unsure how your skin reaction to a product you should do a skin test first. Try the product on a small portion and wait 24 hours to see if your skin reacts .

* Choose a sunblock and moisturizer that contains anti sunlight . In order for your face protected from the sun's ultraviolet rays , you should use a sunblock that contains zinc or titanium dioxide .
* If your skin irritant cosmetic products such as shock and flushed face is usually the first sign and you should immediately discontinue use of these products . If you suffer from these symptoms and become swollen within 24 to 36 hours after using it then chances are you are allergic to ingredients in the product .
So you should be careful of cosmetic products on the market . Do you choose cosmetics that are based on the cheap price alone , but you should also look ingredientnya